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Unsettling self-talks

Misfit. You're a misfit among all the people you see around while you walk through these corridors. These conversations; these groups of friends; you'll never be a part of them. Envious. That could be the only explanation as you become... Continue Reading →

Chronic fatigue 

Your face looked like someone who has been through a lot. and no, I am not referring to the wound on the right side of your forehead; a red bruise, almost new. it was your overall expression: the overarching gloom,... Continue Reading →

The introvert dilemma

Sometimes I wonder if extroverts have it easy. Do they ,too, feel the soul crushing weight on their shoulders forcing them to get out of their skin in order to be acknowledged? How do words come to them so effortlessly?... Continue Reading →


​Do you ever feel that point in your life where you find yourself very blessed? But then again there's a voice shouting from the back of your head nagging, bothering, disturbing continuously. It tells you otherwise. It can't be tamed... Continue Reading →

Dead souls

​You can not say that all of these walking, talking people, displaying smiles on their faces are truly alive.  For some deaths, my friend, are not physical. They can not be seen or openly aggrieved. Some tombstones are not made... Continue Reading →

A conversation with clouds 

I called onto those cumulus cotton balls floating in the vast sky. They were far enough but seemed to be just within my reach, striding further in a slow pace towards a direction unknown. I asked them to give me... Continue Reading →

Karachi x Rain

​Lately you've been high on rain. With your streets flooding, Traffic jamming, Children splashing, And electricity playing the hide & seek game. And that joy is permeable When your dwellers share The visuals of blessings Which the clouds above you... Continue Reading →

Beholder’s Beauty 

Old newspapers, outdated clocks, Handmade cards, seashells & rocks. Burnt letters, antique books, Brush strokes, stolen looks, Carefree laughs, barefoot walks, Warm tea, 3 am talks. Purple skies, starry nights, Heavy rain, fairy lights. Some make a list,some make a... Continue Reading →


She wrapped vulnerability in a golden colored paper, and they actually believed it was gold hidden inside. Oh, but it's not at all how it seems from outside.   The interiors are dark, scrawled messy walls laden with blotches and... Continue Reading →

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