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When mind wanders, heart wails, art heals & soul speaks


They speak not false when they say that you're a piece of art. You're the art which stains the glass windows of cathedrals.  The art which engraves a skin & soul to remain inside it forever. The art found in... Continue Reading →

A conversation with clouds 

I called onto those cumulus cotton balls floating in the vast sky. They were far enough but seemed to be just within my reach, striding further in a slow pace towards a direction unknown. I asked them to give me... Continue Reading →

The Liebster Award- Part 2

Hey there,friends! I was further nominated for the Liebster Award by two talented bloggers: Ambreen ( and Zoha (  to answer few questions about myself. A heartfelt THANK YOU to both of you for nominating me. 😊💕  I merged the... Continue Reading →

The Liebster Award 

Hello, dear readers!  I was so honoured to be nominated by Rimsha ( for The Liebster Award which is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely,... Continue Reading →

Karachi x Rain

​Lately you've been high on rain. With your streets flooding, Traffic jamming, Children splashing, And electricity playing the hide & seek game. And that joy is permeable When your dwellers share The visuals of blessings Which the clouds above you... Continue Reading →

Beholder’s Beauty 

Old newspapers, outdated clocks, Handmade cards, seashells & rocks. Burnt letters, antique books, Brush strokes, stolen looks, Carefree laughs, barefoot walks, Warm tea, 3 am talks. Purple skies, starry nights, Heavy rain, fairy lights. Some make a list,some make a... Continue Reading →

Oh hiraeth! 

  All cloaked in black, It peeks from behind In the dead of the night In the silent car rides In the laughter of their faces In the endings of moments. And it seeps & crawls slowly In the pores... Continue Reading →


She wrapped vulnerability in a golden colored paper, and they actually believed it was gold hidden inside. Oh, but it's not at all how it seems from outside.   The interiors are dark, scrawled messy walls laden with blotches and... Continue Reading →

Universal accident

Me? I was the unnamed, undiscovered asteroid who got knocked out of its orbital circuit. A ball of rock hanging aimlessly in the massive surrounding vacuum; hoping to reach a black hole to get sucked by anything other than the weight... Continue Reading →

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