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Loving from a distance

I have only learned to love things from a distance, like the shy smile on your lips when you listen to your favourite song; like the hues of the sky mourning the loss of another day; like the drops of... Continue Reading →

Chronic fatigue 

Your face looked like someone who has been through a lot. and no, I am not referring to the wound on the right side of your forehead; a red bruise, almost new. it was your overall expression: the overarching gloom,... Continue Reading →

My friends 

My friends are all good in my head. Never failing to amuse me, they talk to me about stars, about life & it's suffocating bars, about invisible scars, about injustice & wars. And then, there's another one named conscience. It... Continue Reading →

Unuttured words

Sometimes all I want is to speak, to let out the heaps of thoughts piled inside me throughout my existence. But when I open my lips to do so, somehow all the words betray me. Like your very own cells... Continue Reading →

Mental health

We go to the gyms for fitness or walks in the park, to enhance within,the physical spark. We go to mosques & churches to rekindle the connection with our God. We go out with friends & family, and socialize hard.... Continue Reading →

Fall // a photo diary

Last year, it was Fall when I moved to Canada. Every thing inside me felt like the leaves withering away from the trees. But, God, all of it looked so beautiful; the colours, the rustle , the whole aura of... Continue Reading →


They speak not false when they say that you're a piece of art. You're the art which stains the glass windows of cathedrals.  The art which engraves a skin & soul to remain inside it forever. The art found in... Continue Reading →

Karachi x Rain

​Lately you've been high on rain. With your streets flooding, Traffic jamming, Children splashing, And electricity playing the hide & seek game. And that joy is permeable When your dwellers share The visuals of blessings Which the clouds above you... Continue Reading →

Beholder’s Beauty 

Old newspapers, outdated clocks, Handmade cards, seashells & rocks. Burnt letters, antique books, Brush strokes, stolen looks, Carefree laughs, barefoot walks, Warm tea, 3 am talks. Purple skies, starry nights, Heavy rain, fairy lights. Some make a list,some make a... Continue Reading →

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