Misfit. You’re a misfit among all the people you see around while you walk through these corridors. These conversations; these groups of friends; you’ll never be a part of them.

Envious. That could be the only explanation as you become irritated by the laughs of the people around you. Don’t you crave what you lost? You see, these laughs disturb the silence within you and you don’t like to be reminded of this dark silence which eats you like a wood-lice.

Enough. Are you really enough for yourself? Because when you cry in the dead of the night it’s evident that you’re lonely. It haunts you. You search for distractions, they help you. But you can’t escape oh dear, these demons always find a way to come back to you.

Mistaken. You are mistaken that the world revolves around you. That you know what your future looks like. That you’ll find a way to balance all your dreams. That you’ll defeat this darkness one day. That you know very well the things you know. Because you don’t. You know nothing.

__(sometimes our minds are the best mirrors and it is haunting, but sometimes they lie and that’s equally haunting.)