Dear readers,

This post comes off with an extreme delay as now summer, let alone spring is about to end. But, it’s never too late to reminisce the colors of this beautiful season, right?
Spring for me, started with the bloom of Cherry Blossom (Sakura) trees, and capturing their beauty both in my camera and my memory as long as that moment lasted. There’s an unexplained hope in witnessing that subtle shade of pink in the trees, and the way people gather to photograph them makes you feel that you’re not the only aesthete overjoyed to feel this spectacle of nature around.


This followed by another bloom of pink trees, whose name I don’t know (you guessed it right, Botany is my weak point!). Anyhow, I felt it was surreal to see blue sky contrasting with pink flowers and green grass. Add in a little bit of brown, and the whole scene left me in awe! Even my usually brown campus looked like a freshly painted canvas.


I luckily managed to get a stranger in frame to get the shot I wanted. The serendipity in that moment was TOO REAL.


And then, on the other hand, the whites in the trees reminded me of purity and pristine beauty, unscathed by any filth. Truly sublime and delicate, they complimented so well with sunlight pouring from behind.

In addition, the dandelions were found in so much abundance surrounding sidewalks and grounds, that their gentle swaying with the wind looked like a synchronized, joyful dance. Plus, the pleasure of blowing them is awesome!


Not to forget the rain during spring which thankfully showered so much in Canada this time, that it seemed more like a monsoon season. Being a pluviophile and a huge nature fan, everything is 10x better for me when it rains; especially those drops on the soft petals are worth halting my steps to appreciate and photograph them.


Lastly, one of my favorite part of Spring is to hear the sounds of birds chirping, as if they too enjoy this part of the year with full zeal. Also, when all the colors of nature amalgamate, it effects the inner season of self as well. At least for me, spring is a breath of fresh air after the cold, monotonous, stay-at-home-as-much-as-you-can Winter.

can you spot the ladybug in action?

Although spring is kind of short-lived but it’s so mesmerizing, inspiring, and beautiful that its colors last even when it is replaced by the decomposed leaves, and empty branches.

Do you experience it the same way? What is your favorite season? Let me know 😀

Until next time,

Much love,