Dear readers,

If all goes well, April will mark the end of Canadian winter (I really hope so), but knowing the unpredictable weather here, there could be a parting wave of snow even in May *sigh*.

Anyhow, there’s something about bearing the same cold weather for about more than 6 months that makes the inner climate depressing. To be vulnerably honest, I find winter the most depressing and lonesome season. Perhaps, it is due to lack of going outside, staying confined within the closed walls of the home, or the overall gloom of the atmosphere. One can just pay a glance at the trees and find it sad to see all the green leaves gone, replaced by a uniform, dull brown mess of branches.


My homeothermic body
doesn’t really like
when it’s -15°C outside.
But my lypophreniac self
loves it
when there’s finally something
which disturbs my nerves,
burns my skin and bones,
churns my emotions
other than
my idiopathic sadness.

And then, there are the dreaded, long commutes. Its hard to fathom that even simple tasks like walking and breathing are a chore in this season. Keeping your nose intact and protecting hands from catching a frostbite while taking a photograph is also a real struggle! *a dramatic exaggeration*


In addition, there’s this banality of seeing nothing but white and brown all around, and some grey, too, if you count the muddy slush found on footpaths and roads, which makes driving a real sore.

But even though there’s this monotony in this season, there’s hope. There’s resilience. There are still cars on the road on way to their destinations, people shoveling their driveways, and snowplows fulfilling their duties to melt & remove the snow, and life still goes on. 


And of course, there are snow crystals. The joy of witnessing that perfect micro symmetry as depicted in illustrations is out of this world. The gentle thawing of the crystals upon touching and watching them vanish into nothingness reminds very much of human fragility.


Then, there’s variety: flurries, snow storm, ice storm, freezing rain and what-not. You’re bound to pick at least one bearable item from the list! As much as I like kicking ice cones to break them, I’d still go with the gentle flurries (there are pretty harmless, don’t break your bones if slipped upon, unless well….if you get into a serious snowball fight with siblings).

Here’s a snapshot of some crystals on a black car, presenting a beautiful aesthetic sight.

Also, it sure does make you stop and wonder and be grateful of having the privilege of centralized heating. Imagine being born as a native few decades ago with no such facilities! We in all our daily rants usually overlook the blessings we are given, one of them being the lovely naturesque sights.


All in all, even though I’d pretty much be happy about not having to survive a cold, harsh weather, I still appreciate its existence. It teaches the art of facing hardships with courage and resilience. It gives something to hope for: a colourful spring and a warm summer. It symbolizes adversities of life, assuring that this phase, too, will pass. But most of all, it makes you appreciate the importance of keeping our hearts warm despite this cold weather, because cold hearts are far more damaging than cold weather.

What are your thoughts about winter?

Much love,