Sometimes I wonder if extroverts have it easy.

Do they ,too, feel the soul crushing weight on their shoulders forcing them to get out of their skin in order to be acknowledged? How do words come to them so effortlessly? Does their voice during speech sounds the same as the voice in their head?
Do they constantly analyze the conversations they had ages ago, wondering what if they had said that thing differently?
Do they prepare a speech beforehand only for words to fumble later anyways?
Do they feel that they’re are a misfit, an imperfect version of what the world expects them to be?
Do they,too, feel like they’re just being tolerated, an extra in group meet ups?

I wonder if they,too, are misunderstood by the society & whether my thoughts right now are a testimony of that misunderstanding.
In the end, I just feel resigned and try to shut these voices in my head because I’m done with enough overthinking for the day.