2016 for me, has been a year of personal growth. It was the year I felt I was the most close to myself than ever before. Perhaps because I lost quite a few people around me. I discovered things about myself I never paid attention to before. And I topped all charts of overthinking! (that’s not really an accomplishment though🤐). 

Anyhow, to sum it all I penned down a few things I learned this year:

  1. As much cliche as it sounds, no one is going to be there for you every second of your life except for your own self. When you’re crying in agony at 3 am in the night, it is YOU who has to pick yourself up from that state. For that reason, learn to be your own savior.
  2. Don’t blame yourself for others’ attitude towards you. If people fail to appreciate your existence it’s a lapse on their part, not yours. Don’t hold yourself responsible for every thing they did or didn’t do.
  3. Live life on a daily basis. Not in the past which won’t return, and neither in the future which isn’t guaranteed. Live this current moment while it lasts and I’ll promise you, it’ll relieve you from so many weights you carry on your chest.
  4. No one is entitled to stay with a person forever. People change; people outgrow other people. So it’s okay if you let go of people or they let go of you. That’s how we all grow.
  5. Be sad. Be very sad if that’s how you feel currently. Don’t lie to yourself and dive in whatever emotion you wish to. But remember to pull yourself back up. Don’t drown in it. Keep swimming.
  6. Remember that you are enough. Shut out any voices that tell you otherwise. You don’t have to win a Nobel prize to prove your worth. You’re here for a reason and you matter!
  7. Find like minded people. People who feel & think the same way as you. You are lucky to have internet to connect to such people. Once you find your clan, you’ll learn that you’re not alone. You’re a part of a huge community and that’s amazing!
  8. If you yearn to grow, you’ll have to get out of your comfort zone. It’s very hard to do so, but once you get out of it, you’ll be the proudest you’ve ever been of yourself.
  9. Make friends with people who are not of your age; not of the same culture; who don’t speak the same first language. That’s how you’ll learn to empathize, and appreciate the differences among all humans.
  10. There’s no shame in being vulnerable. If you feel weak that’s not because you’re not grateful enough or religious enough. That’s only because you’re human enough to feel that way.
  11. Create. Create as if your life depends on it. Create if it brings out the truth in you. Don’t hold yourself back from the things you love doing from the fear of imperfection. If that is what keeps you sane, the criticism & flaws don’t matter much.
  12. If you still don’t know how to practice ‘self love‘, it’s okay. Start by taking small steps like ‘self care‘ and ‘self appreciation‘. The love will come eventually. Allow yourself time. Just don’t lose hope on yourself.
  13. Patience, dear heart, patience. Learn the fact that ‘delayed gratification‘ yields greater rewards. As much painful it is to endure, it’ll be the most fruitful in the end.
  14. If social media gets to your head to the point of depression, just maintain some distance for a while. Trust me, you don’t miss anything by not knowing what that XYZ person had for dinner.
  15. Being an introvert is not a crime or a disease. Yes, it sucks at times but it’s a great privilege to be one. So be grateful for who you are!
  16. Lastly, don’t expect too much from 2017. The mere changing of a date or calendar is not responsible for your tomorrows. YOU ARE! Work on being a better person, and it’ll all be fine. You’ve got this!


    That was it! I hope 2017 is a much fulfilling year for you all!