We go to the gyms for fitness
or walks in the park,
to enhance within,the physical spark.

We go to mosques & churches
to rekindle the connection with our God.

We go out with friends & family,
and socialize hard.

BUT what about the health
that resides within our complex minds?
The voices that roar like the fierce tides?
The emotions which break us
& so we shamefully hide?
We cater them not, putting them aside!
Is it a crime to think, to feel, to cry?
To be a human of a vulnerable kind?
When all of us are raw from inside.

Then, why the bias, the biogotry
with our ownselves?
Oh the irony,
of having our mental health undermined,
When on its very basis, us humans
are called, ‘the superiorly designed‘.

/a topic I feel strongly about/