Last year, it was Fall when I moved to Canada. Every thing inside me felt like the leaves withering away from the trees. But, God, all of it looked so beautiful; the colours, the rustle , the whole aura of the season named ‘Fall’.

And so I photographed, & gaped the sceneries in awe & tried to learn from nature what I couldn’t teach my ownself: the idea of letting go.

This year, I was ecstatic to capture the season with a new enthusiasm despite the gloom lingering beneath. And as always, nature did not disappoint the aesthete within me.

I halted all my toxic thoughts & felt the moment I was living in. It was enough to make me appreciate my sense of sight & the opportunity to witness beauty at its best.

I picked a number of leaves from the ground. But this one had my heart. The hole in it reminded me that flawed beauty deserves to be appreciated the most. 

“Broken is
its own kind of beautiful.

The hole which taints
is also the hole
through which light infiltrates.”


And while walking in the streets or watching through the windows of buses & cars , I taught myself to inhale what I saw & felt: a commotion of bliss amidst the death.

Because you see, not everything dies with Fall; there are mis-fits who bloom & linger for a while longer than others , and surely there are others who die another seasonal death but look forward to a promising rebirth.

“Listen to the trees
and let go of the leaves
which burden your existence.

For they’ll grow again
when the spring comes,
and so you’ll bloom
in teeming florescence.”

So,  for all these reasons & colours , I fall harder in love with Fall with each passing moment. 🍁 

What is your favourite season?