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When the weight of this world seems to collapse on my lungs, all I do is breathe. A reminder to be a friend towards my own body; to inhale into it not only the gift of oxygen, but of self-awareness,... Continue Reading →


Delirium has seeped inside us through the broken windows of our dreams. It rains teardrops outside, which is raging a thunderstorm inside. The foundations of our souls are shaking, ready to collapse any minute now. The forecast says the storm... Continue Reading →

Loving from a distance

I have only learned to love things from a distance, like the shy smile on your lips when you listen to your favourite song; like the hues of the sky mourning the loss of another day; like the drops of... Continue Reading →

Unsettling self-talks

Misfit. You're a misfit among all the people you see around while you walk through these corridors. These conversations; these groups of friends; you'll never be a part of them. Envious. That could be the only explanation as you become... Continue Reading →


Dear readers, It has been quite some time since my thoughts have been hijacked by either diaspora or nostalgia. So, I turned them into pieces of art and decided to share with you. That was it! Hope you enjoyed! Do... Continue Reading →

Spring // a photo diary

Dear readers, This post comes off with an extreme delay as now summer, let alone spring is about to end. But, it's never too late to reminisce the colors of this beautiful season, right? Spring for me, started with the... Continue Reading →

Chronic fatigue 

Your face looked like someone who has been through a lot. and no, I am not referring to the wound on the right side of your forehead; a red bruise, almost new. it was your overall expression: the overarching gloom,... Continue Reading →

Tragedy of one’s life

A friend once said to me, "You don't know the tragedy of my life". I was perplexed when I read those words in the text message. For the several days which followed after, I wondered what really could be the... Continue Reading →

My friends 

My friends are all good in my head. Never failing to amuse me, they talk to me about stars, about life & it's suffocating bars, about invisible scars, about injustice & wars. And then, there's another one named conscience. It... Continue Reading →

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